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  1. Shimazaki Feb 22, 2018

    im doin fine, im goin towards finals at college and my passion for wallpapers start to rise again.

    About the wallpaper, i tried a lot of concepts but at the end i choose the simple one since i was totally in love with the colors i tried and wanted to have it more like a introduction appeal instead a scene appeal.
    It took me time to finish but im glad you like it.

  2. Shimazaki Feb 19, 2018

    hey, didnt see you around. Noticed your name on the Fav list of the wallpaper. so how are you doin?

  3. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Jul 23, 2017

    Thank you for the fav! :)

    Empty Promise by elisadevelon

  4. moritz Feb 20, 2017

    Quote by Mayuuki Thanks to your scans I discovered an awesome artist, haha. <3

    Hi ! Thanks for your comment ! Art is an endless discovery. More Wataboku scans coming soon...

  5. Shimazaki Jul 27, 2016

    thanks for the fav. thought you would have left mt behind you

  6. srsn Apr 06, 2016

    Thanks for the +fave on my latest wallpaper

  7. jakuro Mar 07, 2016

    thanks for the fav on my artstuffs :3 What's up?

  8. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2015

    Merry Christmas Mayuuki-chan!

  9. johnscott Nov 22, 2015

    thx for the fave :)

  10. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Oct 31, 2015

    Happy Halloween!

  11. Shimazaki Sep 18, 2015

    yeah sorry about it, i deleted them some time ago cause i want to make new ones and fill my gallery with higher Quallity Wallpapers exept that i didnt find the motivation to finish any since then .

    Im doin fine just noot much in front of the computer the last few months.
    Hope to catch you here more often, dont have many people i can talk to so welcome back ;)

  12. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Jul 28, 2015

    Hirunaka no ryuusei is so good! <3
    Gonna read it on daily basis :D

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