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  1. moritz 21wk 5d ago

    Quote by Mayuuki Thanks to your scans I discovered an awesome artist, haha. <3

    Hi ! Thanks for your comment ! Art is an endless discovery. More Wataboku scans coming soon...

  2. Shimazaki 51wk 4d ago

    thanks for the fav. thought you would have left mt behind you

  3. srsn Apr 06, 2016

    Thanks for the +fave on my latest wallpaper

  4. jakuro Mar 07, 2016

    thanks for the fav on my artstuffs :3 What's up?

  5. Monu-chan Moderator Dec 25, 2015
    Merry Christmas Mayuuki-chan!

  6. johnscott Nov 22, 2015

    thx for the fave :)

  7. Monu-chan Moderator Oct 31, 2015

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Shimazaki Sep 18, 2015

    yeah sorry about it, i deleted them some time ago cause i want to make new ones and fill my gallery with higher Quallity Wallpapers exept that i didnt find the motivation to finish any since then .

    Im doin fine just noot much in front of the computer the last few months.
    Hope to catch you here more often, dont have many people i can talk to so welcome back ;)

  9. Monu-chan Moderator Jul 28, 2015

    Hirunaka no ryuusei is so good! <3
    Gonna read it on daily basis :D

  10. Tannhauser Jul 25, 2015

    thank for the fav

  11. elisadevelon Elite Member Jul 01, 2015

    Thanks for another fav, Mayuuki! :)

    Red-Stained by elisadevelon

  12. Monu-chan Moderator Jun 11, 2015

    Quote by MayuukiYou're welcome. :3 ~

    Yep, that's why now I'm more into finished histories, hahaha. On one side it's too slow to happen something, but in another is fast to read since they don't tak so much. XD
    I was a litte bit annoyed at Kyoya in the beginning, but since I realized he's just a hardcore tsundere now I like him, haha.
    Yeah, I heard about it... Hope Minami-sensei come back soon, I was enjoying it so much...
    To download mangas I use this software:LINK It's pretty useful, it download directly from websites as Mangahere, Mangafox, etc.
    Hmm, so maybe I'll give a look at it on the future. :D
    I like of oneshots too, but normally I just read the ones from mangakas I like. Sometimes Damn-Feels realease one-shots from other mangakas, I should give a look at them...

    Ah, but I do have many male friends that love shoujo and we talk often about, it specially on Twitter. You don't need to be shy about it. :3
    I enjoyed it so so much! You should read it ASAP, for us talk about it, haha. Ah, and it have two special chapters that are crossovers with Hibi Chouchou.
    haushsaushsauhsa~ I need to update my watchlist here more often, I usually update my MyAnimeList because they have a desktop software who's really really useful. If you want give a look, here's my list: Manga, Anime

    Sorry for late reply;
    I will wait till Hibi chouchou will finish and then will read it again. xD

    Well if you read manga of Ookami shoujo in latest chapters Kyouya is feeling all jelly because Erika's middle school friend is in story ho once confessed to Erika in middle school (SPOILERS!) xD
    I was enjoying Miseinin too, and I've checked your MAL lists, and you also read Kyou koi wo Hajimemasu!
    I love this manga so much, my all time favorite! <3

    I like to read random oneshots, but I mostly read Shiraishi Yuki's oneshot, they are so sweet and lovely, especially "Daisuki datta yo Sensei" <3

    I will read Hirunaka no Ryuusei soon, my another friend also likes it so much.

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